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The Gordon School

Communicating with teachers

Parent-teacher conferences
Conference days are formally scheduled in October and March. On conference days, school is not in session, and Gators child care is available all day. Faculty always reserve time in the week before and after conference days for families who cannot make it on that particular day.

Conferences can be scheduled through email or voice mail. See below for more on contacting teachers.

Families are welcome to reach out to teachers outside of the context of conference days as well. On Overview Nights in the beginning of the year, each teacher will go over the best ways for families to contact them.

Progress reports
Twice a year, in December and in June, all parents of children in Young Kindergarten through the eighth grade receive a detailed written evaluation of their child’s progress. In sixth, seventh and eighth grade, these reports are augmented with letter grades. Nursery and Preschool parents receive progress reports in June.

Voice mail

  • The front desk is always ready to connect anyone with a teacher’s voice mail. 
  • Teachers check their voice mail at least once a day, and will return phone calls as quickly as possible.

Teachers also have email addresses at Gordon. These addresses follow this pattern:
first initial last name

For example, Gordon’s founder, Helen Cooke, would have had this email address:

Teachers will respond to an email with a request for a direct one-on-one conversation if they feel that email is not the best way to cover the topic at hand.

Please note
Teachers sometimes cannot check email or voice mail until well after the school day has ended. Any message that requires a quick response, like a change in a student’s after school plans, for instance, must be conveyed by speaking directly to the receptionist at the front desk.

Any changes in address or contact information should be communicated through the school’s online parent directory, at 

Faculty websites
All faculty members have websites that they use to support classroom work; assignments, upcoming deadlines, photos and more. At the fall Overview Night, teachers explain what families can expect from their websites.