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The Gordon School

The Gordon day

Before COVID-19, Gordon had a simple, well-documented set of daily patterns for life on campus.

These patterns needed to be completely reimagined when the campus reopened for full-time learning in September 2020, but many core values remained the same:

  • the number one priority is to maintain a safe, joyful environment for learning
  • the school will connect with parents in helpful, authentic, and mission-affirming ways throughout the year
  • children should be ready to learn and play outdoors together every day
  • decisions about safety and student learning will be driven by the school's commitment to equity, inclusivity, trust in science, and the basics of progressive education.

Plans for September 2021 will be driven by these same values. 

The links below offer a close-up look at how Gordon responded to the COVID-19 crisis:

Online Learning Community Gordon’s campus was closed in the spring of 2020, but school was still open

Together again the reopening plan for September 2020

Gordon@Home for students with health concerns that kept them from returning to campus