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The Gordon School


Academic Structure
Gordon is divided into three divisions: Early Childhood (Nursery, Preschool, Young Kindergarten and Kindergarten), Lower School (first through fourth grades) and Middle School (fifth through eighth grades).

In Middle School, students meet daily in small advisory groups, with one adult as the advisor. Each student belongs to an academic section, with one teacher for humanities, one for math and one for science. In Early Childhood and Lower School it is a homeroom configuration with one main teacher.

All school supplies for Nursery through fourth grade are supplied by the school. For fifth through eighth grade, a detailed school supplies list will be provided in August. Each sixth, seventh and eighth grade student is issued a dedicated, school-owned Chromebook. All Early Childhood students should keep a change of clothes and a rest blanket in the classroom. 

The Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the school. Their primary responsibility is overseeing the school’s finances. The Head of School reports directly to the trustees. This structure, with the trustees at the top of the school’s organizational chart, is typical of independent schools. Some of Gordon’s trustees are education professionals, but most are parents of Gordon students or of a graduate. They meet monthly during the school year.

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