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The Gordon School

Brother to Brother

for Middle School boys of color

Brother to Brother is inspired by the findings of a task force of parents, teachers and administrators studying the experience of boys of color at Gordon. It draws on the success of other identity-based affinity groups at Gordon like Common Ground and Heritage Language.

The goals are:

  • To instill a sense of belonging and confidence in Middle School boys of color
  • To foster connections and mutual support between boys of color across grade levels, identities, and interests
  • To provide an extracurricular outlet for fellowship, guidance, and leadership development

The program is led by Marlon Henry in collaboration with a group of mentors from Gordon's faculty, staff and parent populations.

2023-2024 dates

The meetings take place on Gordon's campus, but there are plans for group adventures and excursions as well.
Dates are still being determined, but students can expect on evening meeting each month, beginning in October.