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The Gordon School

Visual and performing arts 2022

Gordon’s visual and performing arts faculty cannot wait to begin working with your children in September! In addition to classroom work in the arts throughout all grades, Gordon continues to offer rich co-curricular experiences. Here is an overview of our offerings for music ensembles, after school theater, and the public sharing of visual art. Opportunities may be added and protocols may change as we navigate the year, so stay tuned for further developments.

Music ensembles

Formal music ensembles in Middle School are offered through the arts electives program, and include Chorale Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, and Band. These begin at the start of the school year and meet throughout the schedule rotation, with grades seven and eight combined. Fifth and Sixth Grade Choral and Percussion Ensembles will begin later in the fall, also meeting during the school day. Younger students will showcase music learning by grade level throughout the year.  All music experiences will be conducted according to the latest health and safety guidelines. Please note the Gordon School calendar for the latest on concerts and gatherings – these are joyful experiences for performers and audiences alike!


G-Notes continues this year, and will rehearse during the day as part of the arts electives program. Any student entering seventh or eighth grade who is willing to meet the challenges of this style of singing is welcome to audition; students who have been part of the group do not need to re-audition. Separate information on the audition process follows below.

All State ensembles

The opportunity for seventh and eighth grade students to audition for All State music ensembles will be available again this year. As always, participation is contingent on a student’s participation in at least one Gordon music ensemble, whether it is Band, Chorale Ensemble, or G-Notes. Sign up information will be posted as it becomes available.

Private music lessons 

After school music lessons will continue on campus this year.  Please see for further information on instruments and instructors .

No Fear Friday

The Eighth Grade Arts Council will again run “No Fear Friday” Open Mic nights throughout the year. All  Middle School is invited to sign up to share any style of performance. As the dates approach, we will publish specifics on performing and watching.

The annual art show and the Britt Nelson Visiting Artist

Two of Gordon’s most beloved traditions will continue, and demonstrate the power of self-expression and the joy of creation. The annual Art Show will take place in the Wales Theater beginning on March 3rd.  Work with the Britt Nelson Visiting Artist is scheduled for the spring.


After school theater will continues throughout the year. All are welcomed to audition for their grade’s opportunity, and all will be cast. The work will be creative, child-centered, and celebrated! 

The Middle School fall play
Open to fifth through eighth grade
Rehearsals run Monday through Thursday from dismissal to 5:00pm, with culminating performances in November
Students can participate in fall athletics and the play. Those choosing both will remain with their team every day until the end of the sports season, and then will join rehearsals for the play.

Winter Middle School musical
Open to all Middle School
Audition will take place before winter break and rehearsals will begin after winter break 

Spring third and fourth grade musical
Open to third and fourth grade
Rehearsals will begin after spring break

As you can see, the arts at Gordon School continue with vibrant and vital programming that seeks to engage students and ignite passion. Please reach out to any of the arts faculty with questions, concerns, or just to chat. We look forward to welcoming your children back to school!

G-Notes at Gordon 

The G-Notes is the Gordon School vocal a cappella group, which is an auditioned small-ensemble activity. 

A cappella singing is extremely challenging and the repertoire of the group is quite difficult. The audition process helps determine who will be able to manage the unique demands of the group. Students entering seventh and eighth grade who are willing to commit to the extra time and challenges are welcome to audition. Students who were members last year do not need to re-audition. 

Auditions will take place after school on September 8th and 9th, and students will select an audition time on one of these afternoons. An information session will be held for interested students on Orientation Day, September 6th, at 11:00 AM in the Wales Theater. 

Auditions can be fun, challenging, exciting, scary, and exhilarating. Preparing for an audition is an opportunity to work toward new levels of individual achievement. Using the skills learned throughout the years and practicing the tasks below will help with preparation, but the experience of the audition itself is valuable, no matter the outcome!

The components of the audition

Identifying notes, rhythm, musical symbols, and dynamics signs
Comparing what you hear to what you see on the page 

Passion statement
Explain why G-Notes, including any special skills such as beat boxing, choreography, or arranging. Tell us what you love about singing, hard work, and being part of a group. 

Measurement of vocal range
Tonal memory: repeating pitches accurately
Sight-reading: singing a short musical line by looking at the notes
Improvisation: finish the phrase with creative flair
A one-minute solo segment that shows off your voice. Pick something that you love, highlights your strengths, and shows your ability to communicate with confidence. Medleys are allowed, but the one-minute mark will be strict – plan ahead, practice, and express yourself!

If you are selected for the G-Notes, you will sign an ensemble statement saying you agree to:

Attend all rehearsals

Participate in all performances

Practice on your own outside of rehearsal

Have a positive attitude

Take constructive feedback

Be ready to work hard

Contribute to the community spirit of the group

Be willing to try new things – take risks!

Feel free to reach out to Mr. Velez, Ms. Baird, or Ms. Massey with questions!