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The Gordon School


above: Gordon's fourth grade performing at the winter assembly, an event traditionally filled with music performances

Music is a valued and integral part of a Gordon School education. The rooms you see here are filled with hands-on learning. We have three music classrooms that engage students at a wide range of entry points—singing, Orff instruments, recorder, ukulele, drumming, improvisation, movement, and composition.

Every student at Gordon learns to be a musician. It’s not unusual to find the star of the basketball team playing guitar in the band, or a top math student singing in the choir. We don’t channel students onto a narrow path, and we encourage everyone to try new things.

Music classes are rigorous and joyful. Students work together, often in project based collaboration with other subjects. We differentiate our approach within each classroom to meet student needs and interests.  And we provide opportunities to excel through programs such as All State music ensembles and after school instrumental lessons.

Over the course of our spiraled curriculum, students develop conceptual and technical skills that allow them to think critically about the intersection of the arts and the world around them. We believe that music can build connections with our community, with each other, and with each person’s social and emotional development. We discuss the meaning behind the work we do, and students develop empathy, teamwork, and personal responsibility.

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