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The Gordon School

Creative writing

Gordon is a school where children learn to write. Whether the lesson has Kindergarteners sharing family traditions, or eighth graders reflecting on the Civil Rights Trip, every project is going to include a step where students are asked document their thoughts in writing.

Creative writing is nurtured alongside research-based writing and reflective journaling at every age. When first graders assemble their first books and invite caregivers to class for an author's breakfast, they'll share poetry and imagined stories as well as journalistic reports and "small moment" real-life vignettes.

As they grow as writers and readers, they'll broaden their repertoire of written expression. Second grade's study of poetry introduces them into new ways to structure their ideas, and their in-depth study of picture books leads to a deeper appreciation of the author's craft.

By third grade, students are learning to use literature to learn more about the experiences of others. Building on a yearlong theme of "what you see depends on where you stand," students stretch themselves to write from the perspective of different, often opposing, populations in early US history.

As they enter Middle School, Gordon students have developed a rich portfolio of writing styles, and they are developing an instinct for which formats are appropriate for which ideas. The seventh grade curriculum includes a comprehensive review of the author's toolkit, from the persuasive essay to the full-length novel, and the eighth grade humanities curriculum puts their mastery to the test.

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