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The Gordon School

A community of creators

The Wales Theater is a 2000-square-foot modular space that functions as a concert hall, a meeting and assembly room, an art gallery and a fully equipped black box theater. It’s even been known to host a robotics tournament or two.

It is also the creative heart of the school, surrounded by music classrooms and two light-filled visual art studios.Gordon’s approach to creativity holds a central truth: that every student is capable of, and deserves to find, their voice through creative expression.

We know that creative challenges stimulate cognitive development and encourage critical thinking. We know that group projects require self-discipline, decision-making, safe risk-taking and team-building. We believe every student deserves highest-quality arts experiences, and an opportunity to step into the spotlight and demonstrate their learning. This theater, and the workspaces spaces that feed into it, are physical proof.

By eighth grade, every student has had a chance to find their voice, through art shows, engineering challenges, full-scale theater productions, solo presentations and musical ensembles ranging from all-percussion to a cappella.