August 2019

Dear Families:

Welcome back to another exciting year for Gordon School’s theater program! Every student is encouraged to participate in theater in some form, and we strive to create a safe place of belonging for all students. The following details the opportunities.


After school theater is available to students in third to eighth grade, and enrichments include theater classes for younger children nearly every season. Everyone who is interested is included. All who would like a part are cast. Each child's contribution to the whole is honored, and every student from fourth grade on is given at least one 'spotlight' moment (lines, solos, stage business, and so on). Behind-the-scenes work on set and technical crew is creative, celebrated, and child-driven.

Each participant will sign a commitment statement at the beginning of each production, underscoring the belief that participation is a privilege, and specifying expectations of conduct. Accordingly, please know that respectful behavior, seriousness of purpose, and positive group dynamics are valued above all else—while operating within a joyful atmosphere of some autonomy. Rehearsals run for a period of between six and nine weeks in each of the three seasons, and students are expected to maintain a committed presence throughout.

Lower School Theater

Third and fourth graders are invited to be part of a musical play, to be performed in the winter this year: the performance will be in February, with rehearsals beginning in January. We will rehearse two days a week, Tuesday and Thursday, with some added days for fourth grade only. Rehearsals run from dismissal until 5:00pm until two weeks before the production, when rehearsals run until 5:30pm.

Middle School Theater and Dance

A play in the fall and a musical in the spring are open to middle schoolers; additionally, in-school elective classes in theater and dance are available to seventh and eighth grades. Middle School students may participate in the after school fall play while playing a Gordon sport, but cannot participate in spring sports and the musical due to the overlap of the seasons. Middle School generally rehearses Monday through Friday with not all actors called for every rehearsal; rehearsals run from dismissal until 5:00pm until two weeks before the production, when rehearsals run until 5:30pm.

Additionally, for eleven years Gordon School has participated in the multi-school project called Shakespeare In The City, which performs each year at VETS. Rehearsals will be held in a concentrated two or three week period in May, with a performance on May 12th. Further, eighth grade participates in a Shakespeare workshop given by Brown-Trinity MFA students, in order to deepen their understanding of the text, Romeo & Juliet, which they read in the fall.

Eighth grade is also invited to participate in the leadership opportunity provided by the Arts Council, which runs movie nights and open-mic style No Fear Friday events. All of Middle School is invited to sign up to share any style of performance at a No Fear Friday. In the past students have played instruments, given dance exhibits, told jokes, shared skits and original songs. These informal evenings run about ninety minutes, and pizza is available.

Gordon Summer Theater

Gordon’s Summer Theater camp is offered for two weeks in June. Run in conjunction with Trinity Repertory’s company members, Gordon Summer Theater offers a variety of master classes in the mornings, and features a full-length production rehearsed in the afternoon, with plenty of summer fun throughout! Further information will be available as the year progresses.

Theater is perhaps the most comprehensive of all the arts: it incorporates all other forms, and seeks no lesser goal than to probe the essence of our humanity. Since the first cave person recreated the hunt around the fire, playmaking has told stories that hold a mirror up to society, revealing us to ourselves at our best and worst. Theater is a place to build community and explore commonality. We very much hope your student will choose to participate in one (or all!) of our many theater offerings.                     

I hope to see you all at the theater this year!


Milly Massey
Director of Visual and Performing Arts

learn more about Gordon's ongoing partnership with the Brown / Trinity Rep MFA graduate program at