Music lessons

Online for 2020-2021

Lessons will take place over Zoom during after school hours. Students cannot Zoom in from campus.

Most of the instructors in the Gordon program are able to teach remotely and ready to take on new students! This may be a perfect time for your child to take up an instrument if you have one available, or go back to an instrument that they have already learned to enjoy making music with.

Parents should make arrangements directly with the teacher, including scheduling and payments. Gordon will not do the billing or scheduling at this time, but please note that lessons will continue at the same discounted rate of $28 per thirty minute lesson.

Guidelines for successful online learning

Create an organized space for the lesson: students will need their instrument, music, and a device that can be used hands-free.

Adults in the household should stay involved: while this is one-to-one instruction, it is important that caregivers are aware of the interactions during lesson time.

Stick to the agreed-upon beginning and end times: teachers will have complex schedules, and will need to rely on the consistency of lesson times.

Dress and behave as you would if you were on campus: relaxed, but appropriate.

This is an active learning experience: students should be prepared and mentally present to get the most from their lessons.

Gordon’s after school instrumental program is designed to expose students to the joy of learning an instrument in a convenient and supportive environment. We seek to instill a lifelong connection with musical learning, and many of our students become accomplished instrumentalists in high school, college, and beyond.


Gordon hosts many after school instrumental and vocal instruction opportunities throughout the year. In private/semi-private lessons, students study a variety of orchestra and folk instruments, as well as voice training, taught by a faculty of professional musicians and educators.

Middle School students interested in an introduction to vocal studies may inquire about private lessons. Gordon supports these students efforts to gain music literacy, healthy vocal technique and basic piano skills. This introductory level of vocal studies is designed to create a foundation for a lifetime of learning about each student’s unique vocal mechanism and development of musicianship.

Instrumental music recitals are held twice a year, in January and May or June. While not a requirement, all students in this program are encouraged to participate, as music is a performing art and periodic appearances in front of an audience are important markers of progress and pride.

From the program director

We monitor how students and their teachers connect throughout the year, so that we can facilitate the optimal experience for everyone. It is so important to have a good working relationship between student and teacher. When you call to arrange your child’s lesson, your child’s teacher will clearly go over his or her expectations. This is when you should have dialogue with the instructor to express your expectations as well. It is important for you, your child, and your instructor to understand what is required for good solid progress. Items you should discuss are things like practicing, possible rewards if you and the instructor feel that is appropriate, consistency in showing up for lessons, the importance of bringing materials needed for the lesson each week, and expectations for performances in recitals.

Students take lessons for a myriad of reasons. Our program provides opportunities for exploration, engagement, and growth for all students interested in instrumental learning.

full policies for scheduling and cancelling lessons


full biographies for each instructor

Bill Beaudoin
drums, flute, bassoon  
(401) 556-5251

Cheryl Faria
(401) 419-8682

Michelle Kaminsky
fiddle and violin, beginning guitar and ukulele 
(401) 246-2720

Ian Kasarjian
(508) 966-4628

Wayne Marcus
saxophone and clarinet 
(401) 500-0329

Joel McCoy
piano, voice, trumpet
(401) 368-5886

Chris Monti
guitar, banjo, ukulele, harmonica and bass 
(401) 374-4478

Domenick Panzarella
guitar, bass, ukulele 
(401) 787-7237 

Cheryl Poisson
beginner to advanced piano
text or call (401) 359-3329