Heritage Language

above: first graders at a meeting of the Heritage Language program

Gordon's Heritage Language program, now in its fifth year, is for children in Nursery to fourth grade who speak Spanish at home. 

Heritage Language aims to challenge the notion of one dominant language in order to give Latinos the opportunity to grow, hope, and dream in Spanish. Students communicate in Spanish language as well as draw connections to historical and contemporary social justice and resistance movements within their local and global communities. The active and experiential learning environment hopes to develop a sense of affinity and community by having children share their stories and cultural traditions of Gordon's Spanish-speaking community.

Heritage Language meets during the school day for Nursery to first grade, and after school in second, third and fourth grade.

In 2018, two programs began for Middle School students who speak Spanish at home. Spanish Language Arts meets four days a week during class time, and Latinos Unidos is an informal affinity group that meets at lunchtime on Thursdays.

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