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Athletics Announcements:

The brackets of the tournaments on Saturday the 22nd are now online






Adding this calendar to your personal calendar

Click the “+Google Calendar” button in the lower right-hand corner of the calendar embedded above.

Answer the prompts that appear. When you're done, you will have your own Google calendar open, with Gordon's calendars listed under the "Other Calendars" menu to the left.

If this does not work for you, or you want to add other Gordon calendars on your device, please see the instructions at "Viewing this calendar on other devices"

One more thing!

This system does not give you a notification if there are changes.

You will still want to sign up for email updates. You will get an email each Friday, to let you know the following week's calendar has been double-checked and confirmed.

If there are changes to a particular week's calendar after that week has begun, you will get additional emails with an alert.

Sign up for instant updates to learn about cancellations and changes as they are announced. 

Due at the beginning of each season  Permission slip, and commitment form, signed by the student and a parent  

Assumption of Risk Form cross country and track and field only  

Participation and playing time
Who plays?  

Rain and Practices
What happens when it is raining?  

Pick up from Practices
Pick up students immediately after athletics  

Fall and spring
Practice (3:20-5:00): pick up by 5:15 or pick child up from YAP
Off campus practice or game: pick up at time listed on weekly schedule, or pick child up from YAP  

Early practice (3:15-4:30): pick up by 4:45 or pick child up from YAP
Late practice (4:15-5:30): pick up immediately, no later than 5:45pm (respect coaches' commitments to their own families)
Off campus practice or game: pick up at time listed on weekly schedule, or pick child up from YAP  

End of Season Events
Tournaments,  team gatherings and awards, assemblies 
Got photos?
Let us know! The end-of-season slide show depends on parent photographers! Please consider sharing!  

Want photos? 
Tutorial on downloading from Gordon's Flickr site.  

The Role of the Parent in Sports
Link to free online course (approximately thirty minutes to complete)  

Creating an inclusive sports climate Athlete Ally
Changing the Game: The GLSEN Sports Project
Essential Soccer Skills PDF   

Directions (last updated 4/22/2019)

Concussion policies

Gordon is committed to raising awareness about the seriousness of concussions. Information on concussions for both parents and players, as well as Gordon's official policy on concussions, is linked below.

Prior to the athletics season, Gordon coaches complete an online concussion training program. Throughout the season, they are provided with additional support as well as head injury protocols by the school nurse. 

Please don't hesitate to contact Kristen Fraza, Athletic Director, or the school nurse Sandy Horton with any questions.

Concussion information for athletes
Concussion information for parents

Gordon's concussion policy
The CDC symptom checklist used at Gordon