Beginning in fifth grade, students can put on Gordon's green and white jersey and represent their school in the Rhode Island community. Outstanding mission-centered coaching and a no-cut policy ensure that every child can find a place on a team and grow as a valued contributor. Student athletes are encouraged to take risks, to internalize the value of fair play, and to approach both victory and defeat with empathy and integrity. For many, Gordon athletics is a four-year journey, producing graduates who go on to be major contributors to high school and college teams.

Interscholastic programs include girls' and boys' soccer, field hockey, and cross country in the fall, girls’ and boys’ basketball in the winter, and girls’ and boys’ lacrosse, baseball, co-ed track and field, and co-ed tennis in the spring. Instructional tennis is offered during the fall and winter seasons. Teams compete against schools that include Lincoln, Moses Brown, Providence Country Day, Wheeler, Friends Academy, Rocky Hill, Pennfield, Pine Point, Saint Michael’s and more.

Though not required to play, year after year, approximately 90% of Middle School students participate on one or more athletic teams. 

Goals: The primary goals of the program are threefold such that students graduate:

1. Having had a positive athletic and team experience in which skills of sportsmanship, empathy, communication, winning and losing with integrity, and healthy risk-taking are central learning components 
2. Having learned to recognize, understand, and evaluate the needs of a team in relationship to her/his needs as an individual
3. Having had the responsibility of representing Gordon school within a larger community 

Girls Soccer
Boys Soccer
Field Hockey
Cross Country 
Instructional Tennis 

Girls Basketball
Boys Basketball
Instructional Tennis

Girls Lacrosse
Boys Lacrosse
Track and Field
Tennis (match only; students selected from instructional program)