Scheduling lessons

Lessons are scheduled on a first-come-first-served basis by calling instructors directly. 

Parents should notify instructors in mid-January whether or not students intend to continue lessons for the second semester.

Lessons are not held on vacation days, conference days or early dismissal days unless prearranged with the instructor.

Students must be under an adult's direct supervision after school. Gordon's Gators and YAP programs are available before and after lessons.


Lessons can only be cancelled in the case of a student's illness, and parents should call the instructor as soon as possible to let them know. Social events, vacations beyond those on Gordon's calendar, medical appointments, and sports events are not valid excuses.
Students who cannot attend school for health reasons, or are sent home during the day, cannot participate in after school programs, including athletic games, lessons, or any performances.
When instructors need to be absent, they will contact families as soon as possible, and also call the school. These lessons will be made up later in the semester or refunded if lessons fall short of the fourteen by the end of the semester.

When afterschool programs are cancelled due to severe weather, lessons will be made up later in the semester.

From the program director

We monitor how students and their teachers connect throughout the year, so that we can facilitate the optimal experience for everyone. It is so important to have a good working relationship between student and teacher. When you call to arrange your child's lesson, your child's teacher will clearly go over his or her expectations. This is when you should have dialogue with the instructor to express your expectations as well. It is important for you, your child, and your instructor to understand what is required for good solid progress. Items you should discuss are things like practicing, possible rewards if you and the instructor feel that is appropriate, consistency in showing up for lessons, the importance of bringing materials needed for the lesson each week, and expectations for performances in recitals.

Students take lessons for a myriad of reasons. Our program provides opportunities for exploration, engagement, and growth for all students interested in instrumental learning.
Program director Bill Beaudoin,