Gators and YAP: extended day

Gators and YAP are the core of the after school programs, covering all of the grades from 7:15am until 5:30pm, every day that the school building is open.

The two programs are similar, providing well-supervised, age-appropriate activities for students. Gators is for Nursery through fourth grade, and YAP (or “Young Adult Place”) is for fifth grade and older.

The school calendar explains which holidays have coverage, and which do not.

The rules and policies outlined in the Gordon Handbook apply during the hours before and after classes. This includes the prohibitions on cell phones, iPods and electronic games. more on this
The drop-in rate for Gators is $16 an hour.
Families can enjoy a discounted rate of $12 per hour by using this form to sign up for specific hours on a seasonal basis.
The Gator Pass gets a family a discounted rate for any ten hours of Gators and YAP they may need.
The full year, all-you-can-use Gators and YAP package offers significant savings over the season package, and gives bonus discounts as well.
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