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Facts for families

Gators and YAP are the core of the after school programs, covering all of the grades from 7:15am until 5:30pm, every day that the school building is open.

The two programs are similar, providing well-supervised, age-appropriate activities for students. Gators is for Nursery through fourth grade, and YAP (or “Young Adult Place”) is for fifth grade and older.

The school calendar explains which holidays have coverage, and which do not.

The rules and policies outlined in the Gordon Handbook apply during the hours before and after classes. This includes the prohibitions on cell phones, iPods and electronic games.

7:15-8am: early arrivals

Early Childhood and Lower School students may arrive any time after 7:15am and check in with staff at the front desk before going to the after school programs room. Children are supervised until 8am, when Lower School students are dismissed to go to their classrooms and Early Childhood students are walked to their classrooms.

Middle School students who arrive between 7:15 and 8am must be dropped off at the Nelson Field House and check in with staff, where they will be supervised. They are not allowed to enter the Middle School before 8am.

3:30-5:30pm: after school

Students who remain at school after dismissal must be under an adult’s supervision.

To insure proper supervision, students will report to Gators or YAP when waiting before or after another after school program.

At Gators and YAP, students may choose between a variety of supervised activities, including doing any homework they may have. Parents can confer with Gators and YAP staff about the choices their children are making.

Gators and YAP fees are detailed at Fees are tallied by the Business Office and will appear on your monthly bill.

Students must be picked up by one of the authorized adults the school has on file. Gordon staff reserve the right to check the identification of any adult before dismissing a student into his or her care.

All Gators students must be signed out by a parent or guardian with a Gators staff member. YAP students must be signed out at the after school entrance with the YAP staff.

By 5:30pm: everyone home

All after school programs end by 5:30pm except some athletics practices and games. After 5:30pm, parents must sign students out with their coach or with staff at the after school entrance, and late charges will apply.

Phones and students

Students may not have their personal phones out at school, except with specific permission from the adult who is supervising them. This policy extends through the after school hours.

Students may ask to use one of the many phones in Gordon’s offices and classrooms, or borrow a phone from a teacher or coach. If a parent or caregiver needs to reach a student, they can do so by calling 401 434-3833, any time through 5:30pm.

Be sure your child goes to school understanding his or her after school plans. Do he or she have music lessons, enrichments, play rehearsals or athletics? Who is picking them up, when? Will they need to go to Gators or YAP after their lesson? 
Every morning, an advisor or classroom teacher will establish what each child is doing at dismissal, to ensure a smooth transition.
If your child's pickup plans change over the course of the day, call Gordon at 401 434-3833. Email is not a reliable way to communicate such a timely message. Speak to the front desk, and they will let the appropriate people know.
If you are running late, even by as little as ten minutes, take a moment to call and let the school know.

Gators and YAP coverage is free before school.
The Gators and YAP after school drop-in rate is $16 per hour, billed by the hour, through 5:30pm, and there are full year and season packages available that offer a variety of significant discounts. more on those packages