Enrichments are after school classes run by Gordon as supplements to the school’s curriculum. Small groups of students explore projects and activities led by teachers drawn from Gordon faculty as well as the community beyond Gordon.
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Enrichment classes follow the same three-season schedule as the Middle School athletics program.


nine afternoons
March 30
April 6, 13, 20, 27
May 4, 11, 18
June 1

First and second grade, $200
coached by Veronica Jutras and other Gordon community members
This enrichment is designed to introduce kindergarten through second graders to the FUNdamentals of basketball in a nurturing and supportive atmosphere. Students will dribble, pass, shoot, play games, and engage in cooperative activities that emphasize teamwork and sportsmanship.

The NSF NeuroNex Bioluminescence Hub Junior Trainee Program
Third and fourth grades, $150
taught by members of the Brown University NSF NeuroNex Bioluminescence Hub Team
Join our Neuroscience team! During this program, students will learn STEM concepts and gain the scientific skills necessary to be an official junior trainee of the NSF NeuroNex Bioluminescence Hub team. Our engaging content covers an introduction to brain science, “cold light” and its scientific applications, and the captivating world of bioluminescence. Students will have the opportunity to observe glowing creatures and materials and learn how these natural lights can illuminate paths of discovery in the brain.


ten afternoons
March 31
April 7, 14, 21, 28
May 5, 12, 19, 26
June 2

Collage: Inspired by the Outdoors
First to fourth grades, $180
taught by Priscilla Weidlein, artist and illustrator
Let’s explore the outdoors together and find artistic inspiration in nature! We will explore the outdoors freely and with prompts designed to inspire our creativity and construct nature-inspired collages. Students will utilize a thoughtfully curated collection of fun and adventurous imagery cut out from magazines and books, and the group will also incorporate actual materials from the outdoors into their artwork. Over the course of the session, we will explore different themes of nature and practice different techniques for making collages. Everyone will be invited to express in their own unique ways.
Art in the Outdoors 
Preschool to Kindergarten, $150
taught by Ailey Wilder, Gator staff member
Let’s explore a variety of artistic outlets, all outside! Each class will focus on a different artistic medium including photography (using disposable cameras), painting, drawing, storytelling, crafting, and more — all done outside and using elements gathered from school grounds. Students will learn about the various uses of plants and natural objects for art as well as develop a deeper relationship with the world of nature.


ten afternoons
April 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
May 6, 13, 20, 27
June 3

Fashion, Fabric and Jewelry Design
First to third grades, $215
taught by artist Annie Deslaurier (“Mrs. D.”)
Bunnies on a fashion parade! Each young fashion designer will have their own stuffed bunny to model their clothing creations. Silkscreen, print your own fabric, and design outfits for your furry friend.  Work with oven bake clay, shrinkable plastic, and felting fibers to create jewelry for your bunny and hit the fashion runway! At the end of the session, each student will bring home their stuffed friend with a complete fashion wardrobe. Space is limited.
The World of Theater
Preschool to Kindergarten, $175
taught by teaching artist Matthew Bretschneider from Trinity Rep
Students will learn to engage the actor’s foundational tools of voice, body and imagination through games related to creative and ensemble development. They will learn to make audiences laugh as they develop the tools to tell their favorite stories in an environment that encourages students to make strong choices.


ten afternoons
April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
May 7, 14, 21, 28
June 4

Woodshop Whatchamacallits
First to third grades, $230
taught by Gary Deslaurier (“Mr. D.”)
A woodworking course with a bit of a twist! In Woodshop Whatchamacallits, you'll learn to build such projects as a Target Shooting Gallery, a Table Top Game, a Counter-Balance Toy, Marionettes, and more! Hands-on sessions involve the use of woodworking tools, paints, and adhesives to create really cool projects to bring home and share. Course emphasis is on working safely and having a great time! 

Math Games 
Is full and closed.
run by Gordon parents Jaclyn Campos, Michelle Bean, and Sarah Mango
Spend the afternoon playing math games such as Quixx, Sushi Go Party, and Mastermind. Be challenged by math puzzles and mazes while having lots of fun with friends. Space is limited, ends at 4:15

Kindergarten to third grade, $220
taught by a certified children’s yoga instructor Rachel Tondreault from Create Power Yoga
Children can benefit greatly from yoga. They become more flexible and build physical strength and body-awareness. As with adults, yoga can calm children, enhance concentration, and reduce stress. Yoga practice also builds self-esteem by instilling confidence with new challenges and experiences in a compassionate environment. These classes teach
yoga basics, such as the importance of compassion rather than competition, deepening self-awareness, and practicing making choices. Students will remain focused through age-appropriate play, acting out poses, and vinyasa (flow).

Second to fourth grades, $200
taught by Joel Pasian from Grupo Ondas Capoeira
Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that infuses dance, self-defense, and acrobatics.  Students will be introduced to the history of this art form, several folkloric dances related to the art, and the basics over the course of the session. Students will learn about personal physical expression as well as teamwork, as capoeira is a community sport. The program will be directed by Joel Pasian, a senior instructor from Grupo Ondas Capoeira based in Warwick, RI.


eleven afternoons
April 17, 24
May 1, 15, 22, 29
June 5

Be an Illustrator!
Preschool to kindergarten, $200
taught by artist Annie Deslaurier (“Mrs. D.”)
In this class, we’ll read some favorite books and look at their beautiful illustrations, talking about style and color and what art materials the artist chose. Did the illustrator use watercolors? Bits of paper? Maybe even printing or fabric! We'll study artwork by illustrators like Maurice Sendak, Leo Lionni, David Mckee, and Eric Carle with a variety of materials available for everyone to express their own creativity inspired by what we see.

Nursery to Kindergarten, $150
taught by a Roger Williams Zoo education specialist
Join our friends from the Roger Williams Park Zoo each week at Gordon as we investigate the natural world through interactive games, activities, crafts and interactions with live animals. The ZooMobile brings small animals, biofacts (bones, fur, feathers) and other learning tools for students to explore. Through interaction and discussion, students are encouraged to participate actively in noticing and conserving elements of nature that most of us miss.
Storytime Yoga
Nursery to Kindergarten, $180 
taught by certified children’s yoga instructor Petra Lehman from Create Power Yoga
These classes are a combination of movement and stories. Yoga poses and ideas are learned through reading, acting, dancing, and music. Students will practice playful breathing, fun group and partner activities while learning tools to calm and quiet our bodies and minds.  Yoga is a fun and playful way to support social, emotional, and physical well-being. Regular practice can improve behavior and focus, increase strength, flexibility, balance, and promote self-regulation.  Petra brings years of experience teaching dance, movement, yoga and her love of theater and storytelling to create a unique experience for children.
Sports Sampler Junior
Nursery to Kindergarten, $180 
taught by Coach Lisa Szpila from One on One Basketball
Let’s huddle up and get active! This class will introduce beginning sports-specific skills in a warm, welcoming environment. We’ll play soccer, basketball, t-ball, tag games, track and field activities, and more! Our young athletes will develop fine and gross locomotor skills along with sportsmanship and teamwork. Indoor and outdoor play will allow our students to grow healthy bodies and have fun along the way.
Irish Dance
First to fourth grades, $200
taught by Meghan Kelly, owner of the Kelly School of Irish Dance, and Sheila O’Connell, Company Dancer & Instructor
Join Meghan Kelly and Sheila O’Connell as they introduce the basics of Irish dance. No experience is necessary to join, just an interest in learning something new! Class will include warm-ups and stretching exercises as well as dance drills focused on Irish dance posture and technique. 
The World of Shakespeare
First to fourth grades, $175
taught by teaching artist Matthew Bretschneider from Trinity Rep
In this class, students will develop the actor’s tools of voice, body, and imagination and learn to apply them to Shakespeare’s characters. They will explore clowns, ghosts, princes, and sentinels through an approach to classical text based in music and movement.
Sports Sampler 
First to fourth grades, $180 
taught by Coach Lisa Szpila from One on One Basketball
Let’s huddle up and get active! This class will develop sports-specific skills with lead up games for team sports. Activities will include soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, tag games, track and field activities, aerobics, yoga, and more! We’ll expand sports and social skills in tandem, both indoors and outdoors. 

Enrichments run continuously through the school year.
Enrichments do not meet on vacation days, school holidays, conference days or noon dismissal days.
When school is cancelled, all after school activities are cancelled. Unfortunately, no refunds or makeup sessions can be offered.