After school programs and child care, fall 2020

The information below is based on Gordon reopening campus on Thursday, September 10th. If reopening campus is delayed, the structure of the programs below may change, but Gordon will remain committed to supporting families in the hours beyond the school day. 

Gordon continues to be committed to providing families with safe, well-supervised, engaging options for all ages that begin at 7:15am and continue to 5:30pm.

Before school and after school care are available through the Gators and YAP (Young Adult Place) programs. 

Other programs that have historically happened after school, like athletics, theater, Common Ground, music lessons and more, will continue. 

This fall, providing a safe and fun after school program within the new house and neighborhood structure will put new demands on staffing, facilities, and planning. So, these programs will need to be simplified in a few key ways:

1. Parents will need to register for Gators and YAP care for the fall season by August 25th. After that date, the roster for the fall—the first day of school through Thanksgiving—will be frozen, and additions and drop-ins will not be permitted. 

2. Families will sign up for Gators and YAP care by indicating which days of the week they will need care over the course of the fall. Morning care will be free of charge. Afternoon care will be priced according to the number of days each week that are needed, with a maximum of $700 for all five days.

3. Enrichments—small after school classes offered for an additional fee—will not be offered.

4. Common Ground and Heritage Language will be conducted over Zoom during the school day.

5. Music lessons will be conducted over Zoom, and students will need to be off campus. 

6. The G-Notes a cappella group and other sixth, seventh and eighth grade music ensembles will rehearse between 5:30 and 6:30pm, with students Zooming in from home.

7. To maintain stable cohorts and allow for deep cleaning of the school building, Gator Days—care on days when school is not in session—will not be offered.

8. Math Club and Girls on the Run will not meet at Gordon this fall.

Registration for Gators and YAP care is currently open at

Gators and YAP daily care

Gators and YAP provide care for students from 7:15am to the start of the school day and from dismissal to 5:30pm every day that school is in session.

Early Gators and YAP is available every morning between 7:15 and 7:55am in the field house and the dining hall. To allow staff to safely dismiss these students to their houses, students cannot be dropped off to Early Gators after 7:55am. If a family arrives after 7:55am, they will need to wait until 8am—when classrooms, outdoor entrances, and pathways are supervised—to drop off their child.

Afternoon Gators and YAP will be organized by houses, the same groups students are in during the school day. Each house will have a dedicated after school staff member who will meet them in their classroom at dismissal.

After school, students will remain in their house classrooms or explore the outdoors together. Students will have individual kits of supplies with everything they need to build, create, learn and play. 

Registration is now open at Due to the uniqueness of the staffing requirements, parents need to register for care by August 25th. After that date, the roster for the fall season will be frozen, and additions will not be permitted.  

Music lessons

After school music lessons will be offered as they were in the spring, with students using Zoom to connect with teachers. Students will need to Zoom into their lessons from home. Details on scheduling lessons are at

Middle School athletics

The special circumstances of this fall open up several unique opportunities to optimize health and safety while giving Gordon athletes a fun and challenging experience. 

With interscholastic competition on hold, Gordon's student athletes will be able to shift their focus to sports-specific skill development and conditioning. The fall's house structure may also allow for some fun, intramural competition based on May's successful Field Day. 

All athletics will be outdoors, separated by house, with students and coaches masked and distanced using the same protocols in place during the school day.

The days will be structured similarly to past seasons. All students in fifth to eighth grade can participate, Monday to Thursday from 3:20-5:00pm. 

All activities are open to all genders.

The initial fall program will be a seven-week season, beginning September 10th and running through October 29th. A second seven-week season beginning November 2nd, will run through December 17th. 

Students can sign up for all four days, or just a day or two. This flexibility will allow all students to participate in a variety of sports while also participating in theater. Students can also register for YAP child care on days when they are not in athletics. 

Students are expected to commit to an activity for the full seven week period.

The deadline for registering is Tuesday, September 1st.

The schedule for the second season is not available yet. Students who do athletics for the first season but don't wish to continue in the second season will have the option, in late September, of signing up for YAP child care that would cover them to the end of the fall.

Sign up for athletics season one

After school theater

There will be a Middle School fall production that will be rehearsed and performed using the same safety protocols in place during the school day. Students will be separated by house, masked, socially distanced, using the outdoors and appropriate indoors spaces. All Middle School students are welcome to participate, and all who choose to participate will be cast.

As with athletics, the restrictions of the pandemic open up some exciting options, and the performing arts team is considering a variety of strategies to bring the fall production to life.

Rehearsals will begin on September 10th. The weekly rehearsal schedule will have different grades called on different days of the week, from dismissal to 5pm:
Fifth grade: Thursdays
Sixth grade: Wednesdays
Seventh grade: Tuesdays
Eighth grade: Mondays and Fridays

This schedule will help parents consistently plan after school care and allow students to participate in athletics on the days they are not in rehearsal. Students can also register for YAP child care for days when their child is not in rehearsal.

The deadline to register is Thursday, September 10th.

The process will run through November 24th and a filmed performance will be available this fall. 

Sign up for the fall production

Middle School music ensembles

This fall opens up some new possibilities for the sixth, seventh and eighth grade music ensembles. G-Notes, Percussion Ensemble, Choruses, and Band have historically met before 3:30pm. This fall, students in grades six, seven, and eight can participate by Zooming in from home, and rehearsals will begin at  5:30pm. This scheduling will allow the maximum number of students to participate safely. 

Families of students in grades six through eight will receive information on registering for these ensembles during the first week of school. More information is here.

Common Ground and Heritage Language

Gordon has a number of affinity groups and interest groups for students, including Common Ground, Latinos Unidos for Latinx students, two programs for students who speak Spanish at home, and a Gender and Sexuality Alliance for LGBTQ students and allies. This fall, the Middle School will launch a new group for white students to discuss topics of race, privilege and systemic inequality.

Heritage Language and Common Ground met after school in the past, but this fall, these affinity groups will meet weekly during the school day. 

Learn more about Common Ground

Learn more about Heritage Language