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The Gordon School

The Curi Family

Early Childhood parents, Andrea and Omar Curi, with their Gordon preschooler.

As a parent, how have you seen your children speak across differences and understand others and themselves more fully from their time at Gordon?

Our son is learning daily about how families look different. This alone has brought our family closer together by opening the doors to deeper conversations on the topic. We are a multiracial family, and we are thankful for the Gordon community that helps educate students on what this looks and feels like in our society. Although we talk about being mindful at home, our son is learning daily that being mindful of others in the cornerstone of building and strengthening the relationships around him.


As early childhood parents, how have you seen Gordon incorporate agency and leadership into your child’s experience?

Our first experience with noticing Gordon's leadership opportunities for students was at an Open House where an 8th grader gave us a tour of the school. This student had been at Gordon since nursery! We were blown away by their ability to give us a tour of campus, as well as all the information on the school in a very warm, welcoming, and informative way. And on a day-to-day level, our son loves simple things like being a line leader, and choosing his own books to check-out from the library,