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The Gordon School

The Flynn Family

The Flynn Family: Angela and Matt Flynn with their children, Louisa and Noah.

How did you first find out about Gordon and what appealed to you initially? Why have you stayed?

When I visited Gordon for a professional development session, I got to see middle school recess (sledding down the hill), Blinn Dorsey using data students had collected from the pond, and Eric doing water taste testing. The mission of the school was also a draw after my visit. While on maternity leave that spring, I wasn't feeling great about returning to my former school, so I sent my resumé to Gordon and asked them to keep me in mind if anything opened up for the fall. I was called on the Sunday before Memorial Day to ask me to come in. The rest, as they say, is history. I've stayed because when I've spoken to educators at other schools and at conferences when I've presented, there is some serious Gordon School envy, from our bold mission, to our multicultural pedagogy at all levels. I've stayed because I can't think of a better school for my children to attend during their formative years that will prepare them to see societal issues and be able to think through solutions through a lens of equity and justice.

What do Gordon’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts mean to you and your family?

Our family is interracial and our children are biracial, so we have always talked about DEI. Having an education that explicitly discusses themes in DEI and that affirms and encourages these important conversations at home means that we all have a language to talk about cultural, political, socioeconomic, identity, etc in a meaningful way.

How have you been able to connect to the Gordon community as a parent/caregiver?

My children's friends' parents have become some of my closest friends. They're basically framily :-)