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The Gordon School

The Swanson Family

Lower School parents, Andrew and Louise Swanson, with their Gordon 1st grader and 2nd grader.

Gordon is a mission-driven school. How have you seen it play into the day-to-day as a parent and community member?

We see the Gordon mission in our girls' understanding of the world around them. They're in first and second grade, yet they are already demonstrating a sense of fairness, a desire to stand up for what they believe in, and a wish to protect our planet.

Why did you choose an N-8 education for your children?

We want our kids to be kids! The benefits of the N-8 education were really the primary driver of our decision to choose Gordon. The campus is magical, and we believe a big part of that magic is the idea that children aren't forced to grow up too quickly. 

As a parent, how have you seen your children speak across differences and understand others and themselves more fully from their time at Gordon?

What we've noticed as parents is that our girls don't speak about their differences, instead they speak about their friends and their friends' wide range of lived experiences.