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The Gordon School

Why we chose Gordon

Families come to Gordon for a variety of reasons. Whether it's because of a recommendation from a trusted friend or because we were the perfect academic fit for their children, these families found Gordon and chose to not only stay, but become active members of our community. We asked a few of our families to share why they've made Gordon their home.

Why we chose Gordon: The Rivera-Rodriguez family

Why we chose Gordon: The Palan family

Why we chose Gordon: The Flynn family

Why we chose Gordon: The Riegel family

The Rivera-Rodriguez Family: Besenia Rodriguez and Federico Rivera with their children, Gabi and Nico.

What do you appreciate about Gordon’s academic program?

Gordon's academic program meets every child where they are, providing the appropriate balance of support and challenge. My daughter benefited greatly from the Pathways program when she began in the first grade, allowing her the time and support to reach appropriate literacy benchmarks without being stigmatized. She strengthened her skills, while developing a love of reading (it's now nearly impossible to catch her without a book in her hands!). Second, I appreciate that my children are learning key skills in the context of a curriculum that cultivates their sense of self as well as their sense of responsibility in creating a socially just future.

How do you feel about how Gordon supports your child(ren)’s social-emotional needs?

The teachers and staff at Gordon truly see my children for who they are. They know they are loved just as they are. Beyond this, Open Circle and other parts of the social-emotional curriculum provide them with space to support

How have you been able to connect to the Gordon community as a parent/caregiver?

There are so many opportunities for engagement for parents. At the very least, I have appreciated the weekly communications from teachers and their willingness to invite me into conversation and partnership. The Parents of Students of Color group, in particular, has been a space where I have felt welcomed into the Gordon community.