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The Gordon School

Why we chose Gordon

Families come to Gordon for a variety of reasons. Whether it's because of a recommendation from a trusted friend or because we were the perfect academic fit for their children, these families found Gordon and chose to not only stay, but become active members of our community. We asked a few of our families to share why they've made Gordon their home.

Why we chose Gordon: The Rivera-Rodriguez family

Why we chose Gordon: The Palan family

Why we chose Gordon: The Flynn family

Why we chose Gordon: The Riegel family

The Riegel Family: Chip and Amanda Riegel with their children, Paige and Peyton.

How did you first find out about Gordon and what appealed to you initially? Why have you stayed?

I was working in admissions at another local school and kept reading these incredible teacher recommendations. I was so impressed by how well the teachers knew their students, and how supported the students felt by the adults who surrounded them at Gordon. I then proceeded to work in admissions at Gordon on the strong hunch that it would be a community where we would want our children to thrive. Gordon is easily the best decision that we have made on behalf of our children, and we consider it a third parent in our family.

What do you appreciate about Gordon’s academic program?

Gordon prepares our kids for the complexities of life beyond Gordon, teaching them to think critically and ask hard questions. Gordon keeps students’ best interests at the center of all academic decisions, highlighting its keen awareness of the developmental stages of students in Nursery- Grade 8.

How do you feel about how Gordon supports your child(ren)’s social-emotional needs?

Our daughters started in nursery and are in middle school now, so we have seen a full range of the developmental levels and highs and lows that are typical of kids their age. Gordon has been a resource in terms of what to expect at each stage, and how to address it thoughtfully as parents. What has been most profound however, has been the individualized attention, responsiveness, and love that numerous adults have given our daughters (and us) in moments of emotional vulnerability. Parenting is filled with both unanticipated challenge and reward, and Gordon has been an unconditionally supportive partner in our journey.