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The Gordon School

Why we chose Gordon

Families come to Gordon for a variety of reasons. Whether it's because of a recommendation from a trusted friend or because we were the perfect academic fit for their children, these families found Gordon and chose to not only stay, but become active members of our community. We asked a few of our families to share why they've made Gordon their home.

Why we chose Gordon: The Rivera-Rodriguez family

Why we chose Gordon: The Palan family

Why we chose Gordon: The Flynn family

Why we chose Gordon: The Riegel family

The Palan Family: Andrew and Martha Palan with their daughter Janie.

How did you first find out about Gordon and what appealed to you initially? Why have you stayed?

We first learned about Gordon School through the realtor we used when we moved to Rhode Island. At the time, we were not considering private school for our 3 year old, but our realtor raved about Gordon, so we called and made an appointment for a tour. During the tour, we fell in love with the place, mostly because it felt like such a warm and nurturing place for our nursery kid. We stayed for so many reasons. The Gordon community was so open and welcoming from the start - which was so valuable for a family who had never set foot in Rhode Island. We loved the teachers and the families and our daughter loved the school! We stayed because we couldn't leave.

What do you appreciate about Gordon’s academic program?

We appreciate that our daughter has become a curious, thoughtful learner who asks questions and advocates for herself in the classroom and beyond. We appreciate that our whole family has learned so much about looking at things from multiple perspectives and we love the fact that the school is building better citizens of the world.

How have you been able to connect to the Gordon community as a parent/caregiver?

In so many ways! I started volunteering with the GCA and served as GCA co-president for three years. In my last year as co-president, I became a trustee and have been on the board for six years. I love volunteering at Carnival and book fair and enjoy connecting with prospective parents.