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The Gordon School

Tuition and fees

Family Individualized Tuition, 2022-2023

Every family at Gordon receives their own FIT price based on their individual economic profile. The process of determining their price begins when they log into the FIT portal and submit a family financial overview to the school.

Families that choose to invest in Gordon at the maximum FIT price must indicate this by also logging into the FIT portal; these families are not required to submit a family financial overview.


Nursery and Preschool full day
Partial day options also available
$5,000 - $27,200 
Young Kindergarten full day 
Partial day options also available
$5,000 - $31,700
Kindergarten through fourth grade $5,000 - $35,650
Fifth grade  $5,000 - $38,250
Sixth grade through eighth grade  $5,000 - $39,200

Gordon partners with Smart Tuition for families to pay their tuition monthly.


Estimated fees

There are a variety of fees and expenses families will incur while at Gordon, beyond their FIT price. These estimated costs for the 2021-2022 school year are:

Security deposit
Payable upon entrance, refundable upon graduation
Field trips and class trips (first through fourth grade) up to $100
Field trips and class trips (fifth to eighth grade) up to $450
The Civil Rights Trip (eighth grade)
The eighth grade Civil Rights Trip is supported by the Bready-Lapides Eighth Grade Educational Trip Fund and the Class of 2003 Museum Admissions Fund

Technology fee (sixth to eighth grade)
Damage and theft protection for the laptop program

Family Individualized Tuition refund insurance
Required for new families
1.6% of FIT price
School supplies
Family expense, material lists outlined in August mailing
$20 - $100
Accident insurance (optional) $14


After school care for Gordon students

Gordon offers after school care for all students, from dismissal to 5:30pm, every day that school is in session. Program offerings and prices listed below were established pre-covid. For 2022-2023, we anticipate a return to pre-pandemic programs and prices similar to what is outlined below.

A number of after school programs, including Middle School athletics, Tuesday Common Ground and plays and musicals, are supported by the school’s operating budget. There is no additional charge for families participating in these programs. 

Care before school is also available, beginning at 7:15am, at no charge.

Gators and Young Adult Place (YAP) 
Early Childhood: $2,500 a year. 
Lower School: $2,000 a year
Middle School: $900 a year
Unscheduled drop-ins: $30 per day

Small classes that meet in three seasons that match the Middle School athletics season
Per season, ranging from free to $400

Gator Days 
Daylong care when school is not in session (excluding federal holidays)
Half day, up to five hours $62
Full day $105

The full year packages include:
Gators and YAP every school day all year and a 50% discount on all Gator Days.