Valarie and Todd Wallace

Valarie and Todd have a daughter in Gordon’s eighth grade

Children have a refreshingly natural audacity to believe they can do, be or achieve anything. It is a part of the essence of what makes children and childhood so special. In their world, there are no limits to their imaginations. Schools are charged with the tremendous responsibility of nurturing this powerful yet fragile potential. In our view, this is what makes Gordon so special.
We knew within the first fifteen minutes of meeting with Ralph Wales that the Gordon School would be the perfect fit for our daughter. He spoke with such compassion and candor about the school and its mission: academic, racially diverse and child-centered. It almost seemed too good to be true. However, we realized just three months into our first year at Gordon that the school and its teachers had exceeded our expectations.
Our daughter has always been a good student. But the teachers at Gordon have helped her develop intangibles (maturity and self-advocacy) that are enabling her to become a good citizen of the school. She’s learning that developing character is every bit as important as earning an A. In fact, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said that “intelligence plus character is the goal of true education.” We couldn't agree more. And it’s refreshing to know she’s in an environment that underscores this same belief. Our daughter simply loves her school and enjoys her teachers!
When a grand jury chose not to indict the police officers involved in the death of Eric Garner, her class took time to discuss this painful event. Our daughter was so moved by the discussion that she wrote an impassioned poem about his death and the effect the controversial events surrounding it had on her. As an African American family, we have of course discussed race with our daughter. However, this was the first time she participated in a discussion about race and injustice outside of her home. She learned from living history that day. The value from that experience cannot be found in a textbook. It’s what we affectionately call “the Gordon experience.”

Gordon's students come from three hundred different families, and each family has taken its own path to Gordon.
These families' stories are a sample, and the list is growing. 
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