Ranjan Panth and Priniti Panday

Ranjan and Priniti have a son in Gordon's eighth grade

Gordon has been an excellent fit for our family. Every child is unique and Gordon is excellent in developing and nurturing a child’s strengths while working on improving his or her weaknesses. Our child is a math kid. Gordon provides ample opportunities for his interest and aptitude to grow further with excellent instruction, differentiated learning and outside competitions.
On the other hand, writing is not something he particularly enjoyed. We were little concerned about this until seventh grade. In seventh grade, every child has to start and finish a novel in the month of November. Our son pleasantly surprised us by completely immersing himself in his novel.  It was obvious that he actually enjoyed the writing process. We give full credit to the Gordon School for developing the skill, interest and enjoyment in writing.  Lower School definitely prepares students for the challenges of Middle School. Now in Middle School, we are even more confident that our child is being prepared for almost anything high school could throw his way. 

The one immensely important quality that Gordon will instill in every child is the ability and strength of character to accept yourself for who you are, as well as accept others for who they are. In our house we speak two languages, Nepalese and English. In our son’s previous school, he felt very uncomfortable with his identity. He would ask us not to speak Nepalese in front of his friends. At Gordon, it is the total opposite. He has embraced his identity and is proud to talk about how he is bilingual. Throughout his years at Gordon, our son has been completely comfortable being who is with no desire in pretending to be who is not. 

The best part of the multicultural teaching pedagogy is the exposure to the increasingly smaller and diverse world we live in. Whether it is reading “Rickshaw Girl” in second grade, immersing in China in fifth grade, memorizing the world map in sixth grade or discussing politics from different perspectives in the seventh grade, our child is gaining the skills required to be a critical thinker. Also discussions on sexual orientation and transgender issues are now second nature to him. We might not have had these discussions at home if it was not for Gordon.

Gordon will give your child a wonderful and unique education. Your child’s strengths will be nurtured, and their weaknesses will be supported. In the end, they will grow to be confident learners as well as critical thinkers with a broad multicultural perspective. 

Gordon's students come from three hundred different families, and each family has taken its own path to Gordon.
These families' stories are a sample, and the list is growing. 
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