Damian Ewens and Stephanie Alvarez Ewens

Damian and Stephanie have two daughters at Gordon

As a Gordon alum, Damian knew how special Gordon was thirty years ago. The school has stayed true to its core mission and values as it did in the 1980's when he was a student here. We wanted our children to attend a school where play and curiosity were an integral part of learning. We wanted a school that wouldn't shy away from talking about the inequities of education and that held a core belief that a diverse student body provides a better experience for all. Everyone at Gordon matters. Everyone's thoughts matter. Diverse perspectives are held up as critical to understanding others and self. 
For the two years we've been at Gordon, we have been extremely impressed by the knowledge and thoughtfulness of the faculty and staff that have been working with our children. They take such great time to get to know the children and understand their ways of learning and how to make them engaged and thoughtful learners. We have learned a lot from our children's teachers. Secondly, Damian's work is in public education, so he was very concerned about our kids going to a private school and growing up in a bubble of privilege. He is happy to see that every time conversations come up about Gordon's multicultural approach to learning, diversity, and scholarships and financial aid, there is a centered, open, and thoughtful dialogue from the teachers, parents, and administration. 

We are extremely happy at Gordon. The community at Gordon is so engaging and wonderful. Knowing that you can walk into the school and pick up a conversation with anyone is a great feeling. We have been so impressed with the faculty and the staff at Gordon who ensure that the students are well looked after and cared for. 

We feel very fortunate to be here.

Gordon's students come from three hundred different families, and each family has taken its own path to Gordon.
These families' stories are a sample, and the list is growing. 
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