Alexis Thompson and Sarah Bowman

Alexis and Sarah have two daughters at Gordon

Gordon is a school we trust to challenge our daughters in the areas where they excel, and to support where they may struggle. This is demonstrated through the thoughtful attention we have seen the Early Childhood faculty and staff invest in all of their classmates. 

We chose Gordon for being a school that would support their development of a race-conscious and anti-bias lens onto the world. As white students, we want them to learn to think, talk and act thoughtfully about race. Faculty and staff have demonstrated that multicultural education at Gordon is an active and ongoing process as the school strives to engage all students as active participants in their education and communities.

It is reassuring to know that our daughters will have the support of the staff and administration if and when they encounter homophobia, and that having two moms will not be a distraction from the more important work of being a student, classmate, and kid.

Our daughters love school, and shine when they tell us stories of the new, exciting, surprising and mundane activities of their day, both in the classroom and at Gators, the after school program. They thrive among adults who trust them with big ideas, questions and conversations. This is a place that does not claim to do everything perfectly but is ready to address the issues head on and to grapple with the hard stuff. The interactions and conversations we have had with faculty, staff and other parents have informed and pushed interesting and challenging conversations in our own home. 

On a very practical level, sending kids outdoors in every grade, in every season, just makes sense. 

Being at Gordon has been a great choice for our family.

Gordon's students come from three hundred different families, and each family has taken its own path to Gordon.
These families' stories are a sample, and the list is growing. 
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