Family Individualized Tuition
Family Individualized Tuition allows families from a broad range of economic circumstances to make a customized financial commitment to Gordon.

To determine a FIT price, families provide a succinct Family Financial Overview once every three years. There is a modest annual tuition increase for all families during the years that they do not submit new financial information.

For more information on FIT, see www.gordonschool.org/FIT.

To find your FIT price, start the application process at www.gordonschool.org/apply.

Security deposit
Payable upon entrance, refundable upon graduation
Field trips and class trips (first through fourth grade) up to $100
Field trips and class trips (fifth to seventh grade) up to $400
Field trips and class trips (eighth grade)
$350 to $450
The Civil Rights Trip (eighth grade)
The eighth grade Civil Rights Trip is supported by the Bready-Lapides Eighth Grade Educational Trip Fund and the Class of 2003 Museum Admissions Fund
Damage and theft protection for the laptop program (sixth to eighth grade)
Family Individualized Tuition refund insurance
Required for new families
1.6% of FIT price
School supplies (outlined in August mailing to families)
$20 to $100
Accident insurance (optional)
Daily lunch (optional) Early Childhood
$500 Monday to Thursday
$625 with Fridays
Daily lunch (optional) first grade to eighth grade