Family Individualized Tuition

Advancing Gordon's mission

A new road map for tuition

Starting in 2000, Gordon’s forward-thinking strategic plans have driven us to build a more diverse community and expand our multicultural curriculum. Cognizant of national and local trends, we more recently asked ourselves, “can we broaden our innovative and mission-driven thinking to include how we approach tuition?” 

Remaining true to our mission and looking ahead to our future, we are proud to introduce Family Individualized Tuition (FIT). With FIT, families make a customized financial commitment to Gordon School based on their unique circumstances. 

This forward-thinking tuition model will launch for the 2018-2019 school year. Families will learn their tuition price within ten days of submitting their complete admission application and succinct financial overview.

Tuition within reach
Gordon’s formula for FIT allows for a customized tuition for families from a broad range of economic circumstances. The FIT formula also takes into consideration families with two or more children at Gordon, giving those families a lower tuition rate per child.

What about financial aid? 
FIT replaces the traditional independent school financial aid model.

It’s that simple
Families provide a succinct overview of their financial situation once every three years. 

Moving forward together
Every family at Gordon is part of FIT. As part of Gordon's strong family-school partnership, we rely on our community to invest in Gordon through tuition, philanthropy, and their time. Our diverse community is a valuable asset and we are invested in sustaining it both today and for future generations of Gordon families.

Start now

Within ten days of completing an application and visiting campus, families who completed the Family Individualized Tuition forms will receive an email that outlines their FIT price and gives them a three-year tuition outlook.