1. Visit the campus
The first steps in the process are to fill out the form on the Inquire page, and to visit the campus at one of our public events.

2. Submit your application
Online at
Provide basic biographical and academic information about your child and family.

3. Participate in Family Individualized Tuition (FIT)
Linked at
As part of the application process, you will engage with the Family Individualized Tuition parent portal. Once you log into the parent portal you have two choices: completing the Family Financial Overview or opting out of it. The Family Financial Overview provides Gordon with the information necessary to determine each family’s FIT price. Families who choose not to complete the Family Financial Overview will pay the maximum FIT price. Learn more about Family Individualized Tuition at, and more about the maximum FIT price on the FIT case studies page.

The FFO will ask for the following:

  • Most recent tax return (as an uploaded PDF)
  • Household adjusted gross income for the last three years
  • Description and value of major assets (real estate, investments, bank accounts) Note: retirement accounts and 529 plans are excluded
  • Parent educational debt
  • Outside tuition support (for example: grandparents and other relatives)
  • Tax return transcript from the IRS, requested using form 4506-T

Learn your FIT price
Within ten days of completing steps one, two and three above, you’ll receive an email that outlines your Family Individualized Tuition and gives you a three-year tuition outlook.

4. Schedule a parent tour, interview, and student visit
Contact: 401-434-3833 x145 or

Parents and guardians are invited to tour and interview with an Admission Team member. At the interview, we will discuss your child and what you are looking for in relation to your child’s education.

Student visits may last from one hour to a full day depending on your child’s age. During the visit, members of the Admission Team and faculty will get to know your child better by working with them on age-appropriate activities. Applicants for first through eighth grade will each be given an assessment in math, reading, and writing.

5. Deliver forms to your child’s current school
Your completed application needs to include a records release form and a current teacher recommendation form. Both of these forms should be delivered to your child’s school; the school will return them to Gordon directly. 
Click here to download the records release form
Click below to download the appropriate recommendation form:
Nursery, Preschool, Kindergarten and first grade
Second to fourth grade
Fifth to eighth grade

Tuition refund insurance

6. Receive your admission decision
Gordon’s Admission Committee reviews each application thoughtfully and thoroughly. Each applicant will receive one of three decisions: acceptance, placement in a wait pool, or denial of admission. If your child is accepted, you will need to complete the new student enrollment contract online and send a deposit within three weeks. If your child is placed in a wait pool, the Admission Team will contact you if your child is moved from the wait pool to acceptance. If you receive a deny letter, then it was decided that Gordon was not the right match for your child at this time. Admission decisions will be mailed on March 1, 2019.

The first round of the admission cycle ended February 1st.

We encourage families who miss the initial deadline to apply for our second round of admission and to complete their files as soon as possible.

Please be aware that available spaces may be limited and, in some cases, you may be applying into a waitpool. 
As soon as your file becomes complete, the admission committee will review your child’s application and make an admission decision of acceptance, wait pool, or non-acceptance.
Decisions will be on a rolling basis, as space and resources are available. 
Those who have been offered a place in the wait pool for second round admission have an equal chance of gaining admission as those in the first round.
Decisions are made about wait pool candidates as spaces and resources become available.