High school placement

A critical step in each student's success

Gordon ends in eighth grade, and the high school placement process is critical to the overall success of each Gordon student. Gordon places a fresh class of eighth graders into high schools each year, giving the administration the opportunity to ensure that each student has a smooth transition academically and socially into a new school.
With guidance from the Head of School, the Middle School Director and High School Placement Counselor, eighth grade students compile a list of schools to visit and apply for admission.
Advisors and teachers review student essays for admission and help students practice interviewing skills.
Gordon staff communicates constantly with the secondary schools and ensures that all supporting application materials are delivered in a timely fashion.
The majority of Gordon graduates place in honor classes at the high school level and receive recognition for their academic capabilities, leadership skills, thoughtful citizenship and unique contributions to class discussion and projects.

Where do they go?

Up-to-date statistics are online at www.gordonschool.org/highschools