The original open air school

Gordon was founded in 1910 by pediatrician Dr. Helen West Cooke as the Open Air School. Windows were kept open year round to encourage good health, clear thinking and a strong relationship to nature. Today, ample time to play in that fresh air is still a daily priority.

A robust physical education program begins in nursery, preschool and kindergarten, while a forward- thinking health and wellness curriculum introduces age-appropriate topics beginning in third grade. They are part of a schoolwide commitment to supporting healthy social, emotional, and physical development, in the spirit of Gordon’s founding belief that “mind and heart should be educated with equal care.” Students are empowered to self advocate, have open and honest discussions, and make choices that are right for them.

12 acre campus

70% open space and forest

3 playgrounds

1 stream & 1 pond

4 outdoor classrooms

2 recesses daily

100 minutes average daily outdoor time

Outdoor play in rain, shine, or snow

Play-based learning in Gordon's outdoors

A few recent examples from Gordon's blog:

The outdoor lab
Unconventional science in sixth grade

Scientists at play
Second and fourth graders create their own experiments

Happy October 24th
A spontaneous Kindergarten celebration fuels learning on several levels


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