The virtual open mic

No Fear Friday, Gordon’s Open Mic, began in 2015 as a casual evening for Middle School performers to share work and connection. 

It has been intentionally student driven and student run: as a result, investment is very high from both the Arts Council leaders as well as performers and audience members. 

It's a creative showcase with a carefully cultivated atmosphere that supports healthy risktaking and experimentation.

The Middle School Open Mic has a proven ability to pull together adults and students from all corners of the school, and that community building makes it the perfect event for Gordon's first Zoom-based performance event.

It's next Friday, April the 17th at 5pm. Students, parents, staff and faculty are invited to come watch.

The Zoom link will be shared in an email to all faculty and parents.

a look at the open mic in 2018 
and in 2016