Tamar Paull

Tamar Paull

7th grade humanities

Seventh grade webpage: gordonseventh.wordpress.com

Tamar earned her Bachelor's degree and secondary school teacher certification in English from Brown University and a Master's degree in English literature from Bread Loaf School of English at Middlebury College. She taught sixth to eighth grade at Community Prep School in Providence for fifteen years before taking a year "off" after she and her wife, Kris, adopted their twins, Gus and Milo.

In 2012, Tamar found her way to Gordon as a seventh grade humanities teacher, advisory, and academic support teacher for seventh and eighth graders. Tamar is excited about Gordon's commitment to multicultural education and social justice.

In her spare time, Tamar enjoys telling anyone who will listen about the funny and brilliant things her kids say, chasing those funny and brilliant kids around endless playgrounds, and running the occasional 5k. She has two neglected dogs who were much happier before the kids came along.