Middle School overnights

Team building and academic exploration

Each Middle School grade takes an overnight trip in the first weeks of the year, with activities that combine team-building, journal writing and academic exploration.

Alton Jones

Fifth grade spends one night in southern Rhode Island, working on cooperative learning skills at the Environmental Education Center on University of Rhode Island's W. Alton Jones campus.

Sargent Center

The sixth grade travels to New Hampshire for three days and two nights to attend a program at the Sargent Center. With a focus on activities that instill teamwork, communication and camaraderie, students participate in problem solving challenges, a ropes course and more.

Berkshire Outdoor Center

The Berkshire Outdoor Center has designed an exciting program through which students will have fun while developing self-awareness and enriching their relationships with their peers and teachers. 

Farm School

The eighth grade travels to the Farm School in Athol, Massachusetts for three days and two nights, where students are responsible for daily chores that are a part of life on a working farm. 


and in the winter...

...the eighth grade travels to Georgia and Alabama as a culmination of their study of the civil rights movement.