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Middle school is a team sport.

Dear Middle School Families,

Middle school is a team sport. In fact, for middle school students, there is nothing more important than being part of a team. 

This is not an exaggeration.

An ocean of research establishes that an important need of young adolescents is to feel connected. Students need to know that their teachers and classmates care about them, and they need to be able to care for others. 

This is also not separate from learning. This human connection is what makes the learning possible. It makes learning joyful and meaningful. At Gordon, that means “educating head and heart in equal care.”

To tackle new formulas in math, write a novel in seventh grade, conduct a conversation in Spanish, match pitch in chorus, or pitch from the mound, students need to be able to make themselves vulnerable and risk making mistakes or falling down.  

This is why Gordon teaches children to pick each other up. Gordon students learn to cheer for each other and care for each other. Gordon teaches kids to be great teammates. 

Gordon also recognizes that teachers and families are teammates for students. As a parent of a fifth grader, I am forever grateful for Gordon’s Early Childhood and Lower School teachers, who helped raise my daughter. Gordon's middle school children are the biggest ones in the building, but they are still children. We adults will work as a team to guide them together all the way through childhood’s finish line on the other side of eighth grade.

Before leaving for the summer, Angela Flynn, Gordon's extraordinary seventh and eighth grade science teacher, shared a proverb with the faculty: “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

In Gordon's middle school, we will all go together. 


Gabe Burnstein 
Middle School Director