Public high schools

Attending a public or charter high school is a desirable choice for many people. Depending on your place of residence, you may have choice as to where your student attends. For example, Providence residents may desire to apply to Classical High School, a school with a competitive admissions process. Larger communities may have two or more high schools within their boundaries. Please check with your local high school for their particular requirements. In all cases, you will be asked for proof of residency. 

What to look for:

Call the high school of your choice and check the different levels of tracking. Do they meet your wishes?

What type of extra-curricula activities do they offer?

In what leagues do their athletes participate? If your child wants to play high school athletics, will their ability match the league?

What is the class size?

What is the college admission record for the track that fits your child?

Approach public and charter high schools with the same curiosity that you would any other option. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Most public schools will not offer individual interviews, but may have information nights for incoming students or a guidance counselor or principal who will talk to parents.

Classical High School: Providence

1. INFORM Kim Mongeon that you want to take the exam. Gordon will register your child for the exam.

2. Exam: Saturday, 10/26/19 at 8:15am  (bring 2 #2 pencils & a snack). Should this be impossible for you, the test will also be given on another day.

3. Decision: Classical decisions are made by the end of January.