Making a decision

The schools report in
Time to make a decision

The waiting is over and now it is time to make a decision. Hopefully, you are pleased with the results of this process. Lynn Bowman, Gabe Burnstein, and Caroline Walsh will be in touch with each eighth grader as the news is released.

Good decisions for your child can be difficult at this time because emotions are running so high both among the parents and the students. Try to remain calm and objective. Your child needs challenge yet stability as they move through the high school years. Try to project what those needs are with the reality of the high school admission news. Your child may only be thinking of opening day next September and where their friends are going. If your student has been admitted to the school of their clear first choice, accept right away. If you have any doubts, we recommend a re-visit.

Please let us know right away once you have made your final decision.

Re-visit days
Most independent schools have a re-visit day immediately following spring vacation. Have your child go to these if there is any doubt about which school to choose. The families inform the schools about re-visit days. As always, Lynn Bowman, Gabe Burnstein, and Caroline Walsh are available for consultation, but, ultimately, the final decision should be made within your family. 

Wait lists
Wait lists do not move before April 5. In recent years, many wait lists have not moved at all. This can be frustrating for those on such a list. Contact the school involved and ask an admissions officer for an honest assessment of their wait list. You then must decide whether to remain on the list. It would be wise to accept another school even if you choose to remain on the list. Call your counselor for further guidance.

Once your decision is made, please let us know!
Once your final decision is made, most independent schools will have your child take a placement test for placement into the proper sections of math and modern language. Every school administers these tests slightly differently. Read your mail carefully. If asked, Gordon teachers will suggest placement as well, but ultimately it is up to the high school, not Gordon.