High school placement conversation starter

Please complete on GoogleDocs and share with your High School Placement Counselor. The purpose of this exercise is for you to think about yourself as well as giving your counselor information to use in your recommendation from Gordon. Please answer fully. 


1. List at least 12 words that describe you:

2. Write about 2 wonderful things that have happened in your life so far.

3. What are some things you enjoy and/or you feel you are pretty good at that are not specifically related to school? (Example: taking care of my little brother, reading science fiction, mountain biking, singing, painting, etc.)

4. What are some things you hope to do in your high school?

5. What do you really like about school and why? (Example: math, playing on the soccer team, art electives, theater, time with your friends, etc.)

6. Frequently our school friends and teachers don’t know the “full picture” of who we are. What are the things (please share as many as you like) that someone here at Gordon might not know about you that you consider very important parts of who you are? (For example, an interest you have or a characteristic of your personality that people here at school might not see… “People think I am really shy but in fact….” or “People think I am all about sports but…”)

7A. What sorts of things are you recognized for? Think of what your parents, teachers, of friends say is notable about you? (Things that sound like, "always on time", "so organized", "a very loyal friend", "such a good actor", etc.) Feel free to boast! Don't be bashful!

7B. Have ever received any formal recognition - an award, a top or close to top place finish in a competition? If so, feel free to note them here. ("I received a coach's award in lacrosse", "I received an honorable mention in an essay contest", "I was one of three campers selected to organize a camp-wide talent show at my summer camp", "I was chosen by my Sunday school teacher to speak at my church/synagogue/temple", etc.)

8. Please add any additional thoughts you have that will help me understand you better.