Financial aid

An independent school education calls for a major financial commitment. Many schools that you will be looking at seek to build a community that is economically diverse. Therefore, it is important when you apply for admission that you understand the financial aid process for that school.

Most schools will keep the two processes, admission and financial aid, separate. This means your child is accepted based on the admission requirements not based on how much your family can pay. (But it is important to check if you are not sure.) 
At most schools you will need to fill out an admission application and a financial aid application. The following guidelines should be helpful in the process:

1. Request both admission and financial aid materials from the high school you are applying to. Or, if you prefer, access this information on the school's website. Almost all the schools have excellent information on their websites regarding the two processes. Be sure you let the admission office know you intend to apply for financial aid at the interview. 

2. School and Student Services is the primary service for financial aid used by most independent schools in this area. The website is Application materials, helpful information, scenarios and more is available on-line.

3. Almost all schools are able to waive application fees for admission applications, but you need to ask.

4. Most importantly, follow the deadlines. Late paperwork will jeopardize your chance of receiving financial aid.

5. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Schools, as well as your Gordon School high school placement counselor, want to be helpful as you go through the process.