1. Parent Meeting: September 18, 2019 at 8:20am. Parents will be given an overview of the process.

2. Boarding School interviews: set-up if not yet arranged. If you schedule an interview before mid-October, inform your counselor so that they can arrange a mock interview.

3. Interviews at day schools can be set up, but there is no real hurry. Don’t interview before mid-October. November and December are fine, too. Inform counselor about appointments.

4. High School Placement Team: Lynn Bowman, Gabe Burnstein, and Caroline Walsh will schedule fall meetings with families, as needed.

5. Open Houses: Check with individual schools for Fall Open House dates and consult "Open Houses and Admissions Events" in this guide. If the information you are looking for is not there, check the individual website of your particular school of interest.

6. Classical High School Exam:  Inform Kim Mongeon if interested in taking the Classical entrance exam. She will register you. DO NOT call Classical to do this. The date for the exam is October 26th.


1. High School Fair, Monday, October 7, 2019.  5:30-7:00pm. In the Nelson Field House.

2. Register for the Catholic School entrance exams on December 7, 2019. Parent responsible.

3. Classical Entrance Exam: October 26th.  Contact Kim Mongeon with questions.

4. Set up interviews if you have not done so.

5. Begin interviews

6. Please inform Kim Mongeon by Friday, October 11, if your child IS NOT going to take the SSAT at Gordon on December 14, 2019.


1. SSAT at Gordon: Kim Mongeon registers all 8th graders who are applying to independent schools for December 14, 2019 SSAT given at Gordon. At this time, you will receive an email from SSAT with a ID login. You will then create a password to access your child's SSAT account. Please indicate Gordon School (specifically, Kim Mongeon, as the Administrator for your account.) Scores will come directly to Gordon. After the test, parents can direct scores to other schools they are applying to. Inform Kim Mongeon of these schools. There is no extra charge for adding schools later.

2. Public and Catholic-Affilated Schools only: Families intending to send their child to public or Catholic school decide if they want their child/children to take SSAT. Please let Kim Mongeon know by Friday, October 11, if you are NOT planning to have your child take the SSAT.

3. Interviews at schools continue: Parents set up appointments and inform both the student’s 8th grade advisor and their high school counselor as to when the student will be out.


1. Catholic schools’ entrance exam: Saturday, December 7, 2019. Take the test at your first-choice school. Call the school to register. Check the time, but usually the student needs to be at their school of first choice at 8:15 a.m.

2. SSAT given at Gordon on Saturday, December 14. Be at school at 7:45 am. We will provide a healthy snack and #2 pencils.

3. Students begin to work on applications. Parents check to see if they are responsible for writing essays.

4. All forms for transcript releases and recommendation forms for Gordon teachers turned in or emailed to Kim Mongeon before winter vacation. Teachers of core subjects (Humanities, math, and science) will automatically write recommendations.

5. Students/parents should talk to their counselor about additional recommendations. Additional recommendation requests are given to Kim Mongeon. She will make sure the teacher gets the correct forms. The deadline for this is winter vacation. All outside recommendations (karate teacher, Rabbi, etc.) are sent directly to schools by parents.

6. School recommendations to Catholic Schools: Your counselor will write the school's recommendation for your child and submit it to your selected school/s before the application deadline. 


1. Your assigned counselor will write the school’s recommendation. Catholic school recommendations will be written before that school’s due date.

2. Humanities, math, and science 8th grade teachers complete writing recommendations for their students. No need to contact teachers.

3. Parents double check to make sure all relevant forms are received by Kim Mongeon. Parents send their own essay and their child’s essay directly to the chosen schools. Parents are responsible for any recommendations desired by people not associated with Gordon.

4. SSAT given again if parents want a second test. Parents must register for the SSAT themselves and locate the test center. Dates and deadlines are easily accessed at

5. Parents are RESPONSIBLE for sending ALL SSAT scores to schools to which their child/children is/are applying. One can do this on-line after the scores are posted. ( Enter your ID login. That ID will be emailed to you from SSAT after Kim Mongeon has completed the initial registration.

6. Interviews continue. Parents are responsible for deciding where applications are sent.

7. FINAL APPLICATIONS: Please inform Kim Mongeon to which schools you have applied.

8. Applications DUE for many schools. Parents must check individual school deadlines. They vary widely.

9. Gordon collates transcripts, math, science, humanities, and any additional Gordon teacher recommendations, as well as the school’s letter of recommendation. School records are uploaded or sent to boarding schools before deadline. Day school applications are uploaded, hand delivered or sent FedEx to each school. Do not worry if you get emails from schools saying your transcripts are incomplete. We WILL get all transcripts to their proper places on time. 

10. Some schools require a graded essay. Parents are responsible for obtaining this.

11. Catholic schools and Classical High School will report admissions decisions at the end of January.


1. Final applications due to some schools. Parents check deadlines and due dates.


1. DECISIONS: Most day schools report decisions on Friday, March 6, 2020. Families are usually informed by email, but possibly by phone call or letter.

2. Boarding Schools mail decisions in early March. Some school post decisions on-line.

3. Students will meet with their counselor after school decisions are known.

4. END of March and early April. Students can re-visit schools to which they have been accepted. Schools will inform you as to which days are re-visit days.


1. Revisits continue.

2. Final decisions are to be made. Individual schools may vary, but April 5 is the usual deadline.