Applying to schools

High School Applications:

There are four ways that you can submit applications to schools. The paper application, SAO (Standard Application Online), Gateway to Prep Schools and directly online through a school's website. The online application portals are easy to navigate and are a nice way to apply to many schools with just one click. 

Your list of schools and recommendation requests:

Your counselor tracks the schools to which your student is applying. We will inform Gordon teachers/coaches if you request additional recommendations. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU STAY ON TOP OF WHAT RECOMMENDATIONS ARE REQUIRED BY WHICH SCHOOLS AND WHO YOU WANT TO WRITE THEM. Please be sure to notify us if there are any changes.

What is sent to high schools

Every student will automatically receive a recommendation from their current humanities, math, and science teachers, along with an additional school recommendation from Lynn Bowman, Gabe Burnstein, or Caroline Walsh. Your child’s transcript will also include copies of seventh and eighth grade progress reports and their ERB scores. 

Additional recommendations (parent responsibility)

a. Some schools require a third and even a fourth recommendation. Often these are covered by the humanities, math, and science teachers. Check with your counselor. If you want a third or fourth recommendation from a Gordon special subject teacher or coach, inform your counselor. The requests would then be sent to Kim Mongeon.

b. If a school has a special form, that form should be submitted to Kim Mongeon with the other forms required in the admissions packet (or through the online portal) from individual schools (see below). All requests for extra recommendations should be made by first week of December.

c. Please know that you are responsible for all recommendations filled out by people outside of Gordon School such as a Rabbi, outside coach or private instruction teacher. These people should mail these forms directly to the school the student is applying to. You are responsible for sending all student essays and parent recommendations directly to the school with your section of the application.

How will I know when Gordon has sent the information to the high schools?

Gordon will send all transcripts by the deadlines for each school. Please know that you may receive emails from the high schools stating that they haven’t received your child’s information before the due date has even arrived. Please don’t panic! We always meet our deadlines!