The Civil Rights Trip

Since 2002, the eighth grade has traveled to Georgia and Alabama to conclude their study of the Civil Rights Movement. They visit historical sites, but it is the people they meet that have the biggest impact; students spend time with veterans of the 1950s and 1960s efforts, and meet community activists working for change in the present day.

The cost of the trip is subsidized by the Bready-Lapides Eighth Grade Educational Trip Fund and the Class of 2003 Museum Admissions Fund. This photo essay from 2013 looked back at the first twelve years of this trip, and the impact of these endowed funds.

A look at how the trip has become part of the Gordon experience: 
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2015 A daily diary, and a scrapbook of the media coverage surrounding the fiftieth anniversary of the march from Selma to Montgomery
2014 The trip, in word and photos
2013 Reports from day one, day two and day three, and a look at the trip's role in the Gordon experience
2012 A day-by-day diary of the 2012 trip
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