Middle School

Meaningful one-on-one relationships are a cornerstone of Gordon’s Middle School experience.

In small classes, with close guidance from teachers and advisors, students develop self-confidence, practice using multiple perspectives, work cooperatively and find joy in their own learning.

Starting in sixth grade, the daily schedule moves from a homeroom-based structure to one that is organized by academic disciplines, allowing students to grow age-appropriately in independence and responsibility. In sixth, seventh and eighth grades, students meet daily in small advisory groups, led by a faculty member who serves as a touchstone and mentor.

Gordon’s Middle School offers a challenging academic curriculum tailored to the needs of young adolescents. Students study humanities, math, science, modern language, health, art, music and physical education, in a dynamic, intensive and developmentally appropriate program. 

In their classes, students are challenged to read, write, speak, and think both logically and critically and to gain increasing responsibility for their success in the classroom. Class discussions, organizational skills and independent research are central to the curriculum. Technology, math and science are critical of components of each day.

Gordon graduates are known for being academically strong, well-rounded citizens and critical thinkers who are able to engage cross-culturally and productively in their communities and the world.


The eighth grade leaves for Georgia and Alabama on the annual Civil Rights Trip on February 25th, 2019.
more on this annual trip at www.gordonschool.org/civilrights

Gabe Burnstein
Middle School director
Kim Mongeon
Middle School assistant

The Middle School day



In Middle School, students can participate in many after school activities including theater, athletics, robotics, art, Math Counts, and music.
Gordon’s after school YAP program is available for families who need child care after school until as late as 5:30pm.
Early morning care is available beginning at 7:15am.

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