What is Gordon@Home?

Gordon@Home is an online learning option that offers dynamic learning and meaningful engagement, led by a team of Gordon@Home faculty. A Gordon@Home teacher is dedicated to facilitating learning in partnership with families and on campus faculty. Gordon@Home teachers serve as the main point of connection between home and the on-campus experience. In collaboration with appropriate grade-level faculty, Gordon@Home teachers present the academic program to students and modify it as needed.

Who is eligible?

Families who have health concerns may elect to participate in the Gordon@home program. The majority of students enroll in Gordon @home at the beginning of each trimester. Trimesters are September to December (winter break), January to March (spring break), and April to June. For families who decide to move their children from on-campus learning to Gordon@Home mid-trimester, there is a wait time to transition schedules and adjust staffing. Mid-trimester transfers need approval from the Assistant Head of School.

How does it work?

Gordon@Home and on-campus faculty provide instruction via a combination of video conferencing hardware and software, virtual whiteboards, and other learning management tools to keep the @Home learning experience consistent with classroom instruction.

In each division, Gordon@Home students are assigned to a house with their classmates and Zoom into many of their classes and participate virtually. Gordon@Home students have all of the teachers their housemates will have, with the addition of an @Home teacher who connect with @Home students throughout their day and manage their schedule. Caregivers regularly connect with their child’s @Home teacher.

The Gordon@Home teacher support and supplement school work and help the family navigate the @Home experience. This ensures that the classroom teachers do not have to manage both the on-campus and @Home classrooms during and after the school day. There is independent work available through SeeSaw or Google Classroom to give families some flexibility in how their child's day is organized as well as help them to manage screen time.

What does Gordon@Home look like in Early Childhood?

In Early Childhood, children learning @Home join their classmates for morning meeting and some whole group Zooms. The @Home teacher also uses SeeSaw to facilitate independent learning as well as schedule check-ins throughout the day for story time, math and literacy activities chosen in collaboration with the house teachers. The @Home program is highly individualized, designed to provide balance of screen time and individual and small group work time when appropriate. As in our on-campus Early Childhood program, joyful learning is an integral part of the @Home experience and teachers work closely with parents to provide learning activities that are engaging and purposeful.   

What does Gordon@Home look like in Lower School? 

The Lower School Gordon@Home teacher works in collaboration with the house teachers to extend the learning through platforms that children and families are familiar with such as Seesaw and Google Classroom. In first and second grade, @Home students begin their day in morning meeting with their @Home teacher and their day is filled with some full class Zooms for specials  as well as some lessons taught by the house teacher.  For example, in second grade @Home students join their house classmates for art, Spanish, and science Zooms as well as literacy. The @Home teacher delivers instruction in reading, writing and math, coordinating skills and content with the house teacher.

What does Gordon@Home look like in Middle School?
Middle School students learning from home have opportunities to connect with their classmates and house teachers throughout the day. Advisory and activities where all students would be participating virtually like Common Ground, the Gender and Sexuality Alliance, or Middle School meeting are important opportunities for @Home students to feel a part of the community. Depending on the subject, @Home students have the opportunity to Zoom into some or all of their academic courses, and the @Home teacher meet throughout the day with students individually or in small groups to extend the learning, practice skills and deepen understanding. The @Home students' schedules are structured and individualized, providing consistency and routine for students and parents while allowing for the flexibility required of an effective online learning experience.

How will @Home students and families stay connected to the Gordon community?

All @Home students are assigned a house and have daily opportunities to connect formally and informally with their classmates and house teacher. We also know that connecting with other @Home families will be important. We are looking forward to hosting regularly scheduled gatherings like the @Home orientation as well as monthly meetings.  


If you are currently enrolled in Gordon @Home, and you plan on continuing for the winter trimester, please complete this contract and return it to Lynn Bowman no later than Monday, December 14th. 

If you are just considering Gordon@Home for your family, please reach out to Lynn Bowman via email and let her know. The enrollment contract is due Monday, December 14th. Please know that enrolling after the 14th may result in a delay in beginning the program if we need to make adjustments to staffing due to increased numbers. For planning purposes it is best to let the school know as soon as possible if you plan on enrolling.