Young Kindergarten

Nick Terry

Young Kindergarten

About Gordon's Young Kindergarten:

Students who turn five during the late spring and summer months are often among the youngest students in a Kindergarten cohort.

Gordon’s Young Kindergarten is a child-centered niche program for students graduating from preschool who would benefit from additional pre-academic skill building and social emotional growth before entering Kindergarten.

The Young Kindergarten classroom recognizes the difference that four to six months can have on a child’s identity development and school readiness as significant.

Young Kindergarten offers these children a classroom space with age-appropriate curriculum that responds to their unique developmental needs.

Maryanne Pieri
Early Childhood and Lower School director
Cheryl Fanti
Early Childhood and Lower School assistant

Bridget Baird

Aleida Benitez

Jacqui Ketner

Eric Kravitz
Schoolwide math specialist

Frances Martindale

Damon Ray
Physical education
Seventh grade advisor

Erica Tonsgard
Visual art