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Shanon Connor


Heather Motta

Preschool assistant teacher


In Preschool...

Children build on the Nursery experience, learning about the world through exploration and play, individually, in small groups, or in full class lessons.

The classroom centers are designed for imaginative play, exploration of simple machines, engineering, blocks, art, writing, sand, and water play.

Students are introduced to phonics through the Telian Method.

The iPad is introduced as a tool to support early acquisition of academic skills.

Students’ document their own emerging literacy by maintaining folders with their own original drawings and teacher-assisted writing.

an overview of Early Childhood at Gordon

Maryanne Pieri
Early Childhood and Lower School director
Cheryl Fanti
Early Childhood and Lower School assistant

Bridget Baird

Jacqui Ketner

Eric Kravitz
Schoolwide math specialist

Frances Martindale

Damon Ray
Physical education
​​​​​​​Seventh grade advisor