Julie Parsons


Santana Sluss


In Kindergarten...

This full-day program builds on students’ emerging skills in reading, writing and math.

Children write each day, gradually incorporating proper letter formation and accurate spelling into their journal entries.

Teachers use the Telian Method, which enables children to take the next steps toward becoming confident and capable readers.

The math curriculum, Math in Focus, emphasizes problem solving and introduces basic mathematical concepts through the use of manipulatives and other hands-on activities.

Science is taught through an inquiry-based curriculum and introduces students to scientific theory.

Formal Spanish instruction begins, introducing basic words and phrases as well as culture and geography.

The Pathways Program begins in Kindergarten

an overview of Early Childhood at Gordon

Maryanne Pieri
Early Childhood and Lower School director
Cheryl Fanti
Early Childhood and Lower School assistant

Bridget Baird

Aleida Benitez

Andrea Del Sesto
Literacy specialist

Erica Tonsgard
Visual art

Jacqui Ketner

Eric Kravitz
Schoolwide math specialist

Frances Martindale

Damon Ray
Physical education
Seventh grade advisor