Frances Martindale


Frances Martindale was born in Nyeri in the foothills of Mount Kenya. At the age of four, she left for Tasmania and was later raised and educated in England.

Since 1995, Frances has loved working with Nursery through third grade students and with her librarian colleagues at the Gordon School. She is passionate about collection development and increasing the multicultural holdings of the Joukowsky Family Library in a way that supports and honors students, families and teachers.

Frances received an honors degree in English and Theatre Studies from Warwick University. She holds both an M.A. in English and a Master’s in Library and Information Science from the University of Rhode Island.

In 2001, Frances was one of ten librarians chosen by the American Library Association to attend the Zimbabwe International Book Fair. Elected to the 2016-17 Virginia Hamilton Lifetime Achievement Award Division of the Coretta Scott King Committee, Frances is thrilled to be working alongside mentors such as Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop, Dr. Jonda McNair and Rose T. Dawson.

Frances’ hobbies include reading, gardening, being a mum and an aunt with a sense of humor, trying to keep her oud in tune, attending international book fairs and questing for a good cup of tea.